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Product Marketing Services

Product Marketing, often misunderstood, is a critical role in a company's overall success. Product marketing is simply the process of bringing a product to market. This includes deciding on the product's competitive positioning and messaging, launching the product, and ensuring salespeople and customers understand it. Product marketing drives the demand and usage of the product, working with both technical product teams, demand generation teams, and sales teams. Are you maximizing your market presence with your product launches? Are you using the most compelling messaging to differentiate your products in the market from others? Does sales have the right up-to-date product materials to use with prospective buyers? We can help.

Product Marketing Services

Value proposition

Do you feel confident that your value proposition for your product or solution is the best it can be? Does it engage your prospects and convert them into interested buyers? Can your messaging overcome obstacles and objections in your buying process?

Product marketing strategy

In addition to your value proposition and messaging, are you doing all that you can to get your product known in the marketplace? Do you need help with a product launch? Do influencers and industry analysts know and recommend your product?

sales materials

Do you need help working with your messaging to make sure it drives sales? Are your PowerPoint presentations clear, effective, and well understood? Does your sales team have all the tools and materials they need to be successful? 

Competitive Intelligence

Are you positioned well against your competitors? Do prospects understand the difference between your solution and others? Do you have the tools and messages to take out your competitors?

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