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KJA Marketing is a marketing consulting firm specializing in strategic marketing for the tech and software industries, KJA Marketing was founded to help the growing number of SaaS companies that need marketing help but lack the resources internally. KJA Marketing offers advice for both the small and medium size businesses who are looking for senior expertise to accelerate their growth, launch products, or generate more awareness. Key focus areas include strategic product marketing, corporate marketing communications, content marketing and creation, digital marketing and sales enablement. KJA Marketing can help you build out a go-to-market strategy, brand or position your product and services against your competition, or fill in the gaps in your current marketing organization.


KJA Marketing is led by Ken Allen, a Strategic Marketing Consultant focused on global marketing strategies. Ken brings over 25 years’ of experience marketing technology products and leading global marketing teams. Ken’s focus is developing and communicating a marketing vision while driving awareness and revenue growth through content marketing and demand generation strategies.


Previously, Ken was the Vice President of Marketing for Loftware and was responsible for all elements of the global marketing strategy including market positioning, branding, thought leadership, demand generation, and product marketing. Ken was also the Senior Director of Product Marketing for Ipswitch (now Progress Software) responsible for all product messaging, positioning and marketing content. Before Ipswitch, Ken held senior marketing roles within IBM, Oracle, DXC Technology and Lotus Development Corporation.


Ken holds a BA in mathematics / computer science from Hamilton College and an MBA in strategic marketing from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.

Ken Allen Marketing Consultant
Industry Experience
Software Programmer
Software Development
Computer Programmers
SaaS Solutions
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Professional Services
Hardware Technologies
Technology Domain Experience
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Photo processing
Workflow &
File Transfer Systems
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Web Hosting Services
Enterprise Collaboration platforms
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Smart Alarm System
Cybersecurity Platforms
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Managed Web Services
Integration Technologies
Mustard Box
Management Software
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Document Management
Computer Store
Contract Management Systems
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